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Gerritt Beatty III
Life Scout
Troop 765
Thousand Oaks, CA


GOAL: $15,000

Amount Raised so Far!


Please send checks to:

Gerritt Beatty

PO Box 6163

Westlake Village, CA 91359


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Eagle Project Objectives and Background

Everyday first responders rush to the aid of others. They work day and night to help in anyway they can, and even put their lives on the line doing so. This project is also very personal to me because in 2021 I suffered from a severe head injury requiring multiple surgeries and a prosthetic put in my skull. There was a large chance I could have died, but because of the careful work of the first responders and my other doctors, I am alive and well today.


It's for these reasons why at the very least they deserve a memorial to honor and encourage those who put all they do in to making our communities a better place. I'm raising $15,000 on behalf of the VCFD to create this memorial to not only to inspire these brave men and women, but to also help all of us have a new appreciation for them. You can help me by donating to my $50 for First Responders campaign which can be accessed by the donate button above. I don't have much time to get the money I need, but with your help I can get to my goal.

Eagle Project Plan and Milestones

October 3, 2023 - Eagle Project Approval

October 5 - Fund raising begins

November 13 - Statues ordered

November 20 - $10,000 raised

December 28 - Form boards install

January 11 - Concrete Poured

January 12 - Statues mounted

January 20 - Project Completed

Milestones in italics are planned dates.


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