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The people overseeing and guiding the Troop. 
Some pics of our boys in action.
Info on our Flag Placement Fundraiser. Unique only to Troop 765

We invite you to join us for friendship, fun, and adventure; and to grow in the spirit of Scouting - preparedness, readiness to help others, honesty, self-confidence, and responsibility.

Scouting provides youth with an opportunity to try new things, provide service to others, build self-confidence, and reinforce ethical standards. These opportunities not only help them when they are young but also carry forward into their adult lives, improving their relationships, their work lives, their family lives, and the values by which they live.



Troop 765 can be counted on to be trusted for any request sent their way. Our attendance at Conejo Valley Days manning the ticket booth and the money collected is an example of this concept.  


Boys in Troop 765 are loyal to the ideals of Scouting. Troop 765 scouts persevere to "Be Prepared" and try to do a good turn daily. 


Troop 765 participates in feeding the homeless and Scouting for Food. 


Troop 765 is a friendly bunch. With 31 Scouts registered, all get together well and help each other out with rank ups and merit badges. Older boys are tasked with assisting the younger ones which they do without fail. 


Troop 765 is courteous to all citizens. Scouts assist where they can within the community and work well with all of the organizations they are involved in. We are mindful of our host at St Patrick's and assist in any service projects they need done.   


One of the overriding principles of Scouting is Kindness. With the Leave No trace behind policy, Scouts who wander into nature insure they do not leave behind any trash or other material which could harm the environment. Their participation in the Annual Coastal Cleanup event finds them 'scouting" the creek bed near the TO High school for trash and other items that do not belong there.   


Obedience is hard trait to find in some these days but the concept of respect in Scouting is one that has endured for over 100 years. Troop 765 is respectful of nature, the flag, the community and adult leaders. 


Troop 765 is a happy bunch involved in activities outside of Scouting where they demonstrate the skills developed from scouting. We have boys involved in band, sports and academic endeavors that sometimes take them away from scouting events. However, their friendly, cheerful demeanor are appealing to those help bring in new scouts into our program. 


Each boy within Troop 765 is given a scout account. This account can be used for Summer Camp, monthly outings or Scout store apparel. The money in this account is earned by the scout through fundraising. The boys are also tasked with shopping for camping meals and are required to develop a meal plan within a budgeted amount. This helps them develop financial skills they will use their entire life. 


Fear is something Scouts need to overcome whether it is dealing with a treacherous hike or overcoming the challenges of being away from home. Scouting promotes bravery to its young men to help stamp out fear through confidence building and training. Once equipped with the tools, fear gives way to achievement. Education that will serve them their entire life. 


We all as parents know how hard it is to keep boys 11-17 clean but with uniform inspections and adherence to a dress code within scouting, Troop 765 endeavors to promote this awareness. Boys are taught to respect their physical bodies as well as the mental faculties. 


Troop 765 participates in Scout Sunday with our host church St Patricks. The boys are introduced to a concept much bigger than ourselves and help the church with its service to the parishioners and people who make our host venue possible. Duty to God is a key principle in Scouting and one that is embraced at 765. 


Want your son to embrace these principles and develop these fine traits? Head on over to our Get Involved page and learn how your son can become a part of Troop 765 as well.  

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